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Day Definite – Less Urgent, Cost-Effective Delivery

For international door-to-door delivery to your country within a certain number of business days for less urgent and heavier shipments, choose our cost-effective Day Definite express services. Reliable express delivery with customs clearance for all dutiable goods.


Door-to-door delivery of single or multi-piece shipments and pallets within a certain number of days
  • Less urgent and typically heavier shipping needs
  • Cost-effective and reliable delivery
  • Proactive delivery notification available on request
  • Limited pickup and delivery locations
Since January 1st, 2005, Germany has introduced a variable Road Pricing Charge for Motorways for Vehicles of 12 tons total weight or higher.
In other neighbouring countries like Switzerland or Czech Republic, variable Road Pricing Charges have been introduced as well.

Despite all efforts to provide highest efficiency in transportation, these additional costs could not be beared within existing tariffs.

On January 1st, 2009, the Austrian Government has increased Road Pricing Charges by 41% for EURO V- and 57% for EURO III-Vehicles.

These road pricing increases have had an effect on the operative cost of transportation within the Transport- and Logistics Sector. Prices have been unanimously increased to reflect this higher cost.

The following Road Pricing charges across Europe charges apply to DHL ECONOMY SELECT Export- and Import shipments:
  • Shipments of up to 31.5 kg: EUR 0.34 per shipment
  • Shipments higher than 31.5 kg: EUR 0.076 per kg of total weight
Updates on service coverage

DHL Express has been the first to build its coverage of Eastern Europe. We are consistently extending our Network. Our latest additions for the Day Definite service network have been:
  • Croatia
  • Turkey
  • Russia (Moscow & St. Petersburg)
  • Romania
  • Bulgaria
  • Ukraine - coming soon!


Collection of international business mail for injection into the postal network for final delivery, anywhere in the world
  • Choice of both Priority and Standard delivery options
  • Collection of paper-based correspondence by your regular DHL courier
  • All correspondence is sorted and stamped at a specialist mailing house
  • Tracking of DHL GLOBALMAIL BUSINESS is possible until injection into postal network